Mid Week Update!

Workouts for the week so far:

Mon-Body Combat & Body Pump

Tues: Short run

Wed: Body Combat


Last Week:

Mon: Body Combat & Body Pump

Tues: Bike Ride

As it was the school hols for the Hubsteria, decided to spend more time at home with him. Shall catch up this week on my workouts!

Tues was a short angry run initially-coz I needed to get a run in; but Hubster went for a run on his own & I got steamed coz usually he would ask me for a run date.  But I went for my own run (after Hubs-O-Meter told me to) & I was still steamed when I started. But halfway through all the negativity was gone & I felt good. It was a fast run coz I was steamed so I did 3.2k in 13+ mins. I felt tired, my quads were positively sore & I felt great.  Really, I am like a Doberman or Lab. Need the charge to get the pent up energy out.

Need to remind myself that I need to look like this:


Picture 001Picture 003

Recent Pic of myself: Room For Improvement!

Picture 007

Recent Eats:

Picture 006Cereal & Japanese Curry!

Picture 008 

I need to be strong—although that is something I wish I didn’t have to get used to. I guess mental & physical strength (endurance) is my forte; however it would be so wonderful if everything came together properly for me. The silver plattered life is indeeed far from my grasp. But all these working out is my way of giving thanks & appreciating the all that has been created.  I really want to be happy; it’s a bit tough at the moment being overwhelmed by matters out of my grasp.

Thankful Things Today:

For the extremely patient HubsyBubsy & for the love of running.


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