Can’t Rain On My Parade

It has been raining a bit the past few days & especially tonight; but I’m loving the wet & cold weather because it gives ne an excuse to make piping hot drinks & to snuggle up!

Picture 020

It is wetter than that! (& our corridor is totally soaked! )

But the good thing is I managed to get back before the deluge (although I was still a tad wet from the rain!) so I can enjoy the rain in comfort!

This morning seemed to have gone south-my english muffin got burnt &  my favourite spot in gym class got taken.  I was expecting disaster at work but there are things to be thankful for!

1) I still managed to get a good workout in. (3 combat sessions in a row for this week!)

2) A meeting I dreaded turned out better than expected!

2) Had a nice lunch with inspiring colleagues who have a great work ethic & make me thankful that dedicated & diligent people still exist!

3) Hubs-O-Meter waiting at the bus stop with a ginormous umbrella & raincoat

4) Listening to the below as I’m typing out a post

Picture 021

Plus these treats I scored!

I see more promising breakfasts in the horizon!

Picture 016

Picture 017


Go to cure-all snack-peanut butter cups! 

Picture 018

I see another curry dish coming up soon!

Picture 019

& now, a sweet treat before beddy-bye & to watch some episodes of Fraiser!

Picture 015 

Do you have any days when you feel that things are not going your way?

What do you have to be thankful for today?