Meaning In My Job

So has it all come down to this?

Instead of going on about the mind numbing portions of my job, I will leave you with suitably sacarstic quotes from Frasier.

Some people really are “the scourge of my existence”

To my fellow boring snoozefest of a time region peers, I find your “advice patronizing, simplistic and, in all candor, uninspired. The real surprise here is that they pay you to dole out this balloon juice.”

To the high up female top management material “She doesn’t have to worship the devil! He worships her!” and she is “Lady Macbeth without the sincerity”

So now, I’m tempted to adopt a coasting attitude; and as what Fraiser & Niles Crane appallingly describes as” walking the dark alleys of underachievement”.

Am now feeling mighty satisfied with myself.


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