Today was a rest day- legs & arms aching from the strength workout segment in cardio shape class yesterday.  Feeling a tad tired & so have been reading, learning to tweet and finally baking the jacked up banana cake/bread from this recipe that I read on Meals & Moves blog some time back.  The bread/cake was for a friend’s surprise birthday cake! The amazing thing about these blogs is that one gets so much health & fitness inspiration plus healthy living/eating tips that one will not get from local reading material.

Anyhows, its nice to have the kitchen smelling of fresh banana bread!

My meals these last 3 days have not been on the healthy side, with today’s culminating in a Domino’s thin crust pizza. Well, time to start prepping healthy meals from tomorrow onwards!

Tonight ended with watching Frasier & catching up with pals. It’s always wonderful to have friends to shoot the breeze with.  & it’s always great to unwind at home after that, just relaxing and having quiet time.

bananaBanana bread with walnuts


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