Its a Brand New Day!

I thought of not working out today but Pauline (gym-class mate) asked me to try cardio shape. And since my meeting was slated to start at 10am I had the morning free! & wow! was it a good decision!! It was a mix of cardio & strength training which was good ; seeing I missed body pump this week. Wow! It was a great first class & I will go back for more! Too bad it’s temporary, after next week, there won’t be cardio shape—bugger!

The instructor is this tiny lady who is really chic & hip and plays great music! It’s nice because as a newbie to a class sometimes you feel a bit intimidated but the ladies there are all newbies and they all ‘mooove like Jagger’! So inspired by all of them! It seems a bit mean to say this but I feel that all stay at home mums have no excuse not to keep fit or workout because these ladies are like older stay at home mums but they are so with the times & they have the energy & stamina of 16 yr olds!

Workouts of the week:

Mon-Combat, 5k run

Tues: 5k run

Wed: combat

Thurs: combat

Fri: Cardio Shape

Sat & Sun: ……undecided yet….run? cycle?

Work is same old same old. People are leaving, people are joining. But this blog is a happy place so  I choose to shut them out and listen to my own soundtrack. [Maroon 5 & their Move like Jagger is stuck in my head at the moment]..

Before class at locker room-Fuschia nike top

  At cool down area in gym fushia

Convinced  that I have big thighs!gymclass

Lunch with colleagues-had to eat something because I was so hungry from the workout! Tsssk heavy meal but food options were scarce & I was with colleagues.


Am liking this font colour. Food at Jap place (sukiyaki) was fantabulous sauce! & healthier than the other options! I must cut down though!! More veggies please!


Some tasty treats I found at the supermarket. Remember the s’mores graham goldfish crackers I found yesterday? Well here’s ‘ s’mores’!!

Yay me! sweetreat2



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