New Day New Way

Am so pumped after doing body combat today in the morning. It’s such a wonderful start to the workday.
Yesterday it was the same thing as well and the adrenalin effects are so positive. It’s nice to meet combat-class mates in the gym & see familar faces in the morning. Truth be told, these morning workout sessions are what keep me sane & going at work. I have a suspicion that my work life is kind of not as put together as I would like it to be. I keep thinking of the days at my former workplace & even though its the same company, just a different branch, my heart sometimes aches for those familar days of old.

That said, those feelings have to be buried & I have to keep things together here. So working out actually helps a whole lot. I have to stay mentally strong & bury all these feelings. So combat, running & pump helps me to contain all these feelings.

Breakfast today was Barabas Cinnamon Sqaures with Kellock cornflakes topped with walnuts, chia seeds & crasins. Coffee was a must! & early lunch was a chicken patty & tempeh. (Forgot to photograph my lunch!)

Photo at gym locker room



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