Run Away Your Troubles

Hubs-O-Meter  sent me a text asking “Wanna Run?” Love these msgs from him asking me for a running date. I’m so used to running in my vibrams now they are my second feet! It was amazing-sauce to do outdoor runs especially now that the days are looonger and warmer. Good to have cleared my head although I’m like some crazy labrador that wants to outrun every moving object in sight.  

It’s great. I never regret a run. My mind needs to find its tempo and to be re-assured that God is present in the living, beautiful dusky sky world.

Something I read from a blog caught my eye & reminds me to never give up (on my runs, my workout or my life)

“”I can choose to wake up each day and wallow in this rut, or I can put in the hard to create the life I want. Things won’t change overnight, but each time I push through, I will see results. All that I need to do is keep moving forward. One small step at a time” (Health On The Run)

Forgot to take pics of healthy dinner I made!


Anyhows, that’s me after my run in my new workout fit! Finally found Nike tops that are suitable after they discontinued their running singlets line!



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