Body combat today was fantastic in reviving my spirits! I feel like I can kickass again! It was suitably refreshing & the instructor standing in for our regular one was awesome motivating-sauce. I wish he could be our permanent one; although the volume of the music could be increased lots.

Had coffee with some of the combat-mates & I really envy their life! They don’t have to work so they either go for another PT class, Les Mills class or just head home to cook or relax. & some of them are in such amazing shape for their age that I couldn’t in my born life guess that they had teenage kids! Amazing-sauce! It’s such a joy looking at their lives (as compared to mine—I’ve been vacationing  in the doldrums for the longest time).  Moreover they are such happening hip ladies! Some of them have considered getting tattoos before (Cool right!); it’s just unbelivable that they are so much cooler than the teens & yuppies (namely because they have the moolah, the svelte figures and the wisdom to be sooo cool!) They are my inspiration!

Headed to my facial where I had the best facial & face/neck massage ever (I can only do that today because I’m off from work!) & I had an epiphany during my face mask. I think the only way to deal with those irrita-mongers at work  is just be laissez faire & blasé about it. Because c’mon! I actually have a life outside work that I’m passionate about and so my whole perspective of life is not centered around work. So from now on, no more working too hard & taking things so seriously! I guess those irrita-mongers have nothing except their work and so they are so uptight & self-righteous about it. Well! I’ve made my peace with that.

Had some healthy eats last night for din-din. had a broccoli- black eyed peas-chickpeas-chicken fillet-tofu stirfry & fish in periperi teriyaki sauce. They tasted way way better than they look!



And what I wore Tuesday:


Let’s do something that is popular in the blogosphere: Triple Tangent Tuesday!

Here are three things about myself:

1) I used to be plump! Waay plump—that was before the Hubs-tier introduced me to running and took me (all whingey and all) on runs with him. Then I fell in love with running & working out & I work out now because I love it! Someday I will put my not so amazing sauce picture on the blog.

2) I did a marathon in 2010. The sundown marathon. I didn’t train for it which was not the smartest thing to do. I winged it & my timing was appalling – 6 hrs 30 mins! I’m determined to do another one with proper training next year.

3) I used to be scared of weight training! Now I’ve discovered body pump, my hand foot eye coordination is so much better after 3946 classes of body combat and other awesome workout classes, I don’t find Body Pump streneous. In fact, it helps me to focus & helps clear my mind in a different way from body combat!