Went for a morning run at 6.45am @ 5.35k, 25mins 34 secs.
Nice pace, am trying out this pacing for the 21k in two weeks time. It’s really a wonderful feeling to have a run in the morning, it makes the day part longer, more time to myself to think & zone out for a bit and makes me feel disciplined. 🙂
I must start out earlier! The sky looked greyish today and there was a really light drizzle when I was reaching back. But the roads & park were quiet in a “Hello, welcome, we just woke up” way. So it was just nice to soak in the quiet & the not so many people atmosphere.
It was good to run, was dreaming about this morning’s run last night and was excited about it.
I think this is the only thing that is helping me to cope with everyday’s events 🙂


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