did another nite run on sat! 8.36k at 51mins with hubs. longer run this time for hubs to break in his new pair of voomeros.
did a long run down to riverside but was uncomfortable because there were too many people boozing away. And teens waiting to get into zouk. it felt kinda dangerous for an introvert like me. so we ran back via the back of robertson quay, past many condos & back into the park. really grateful & thankful that we live in a country safe enough to run thru at night without carrying around pepper spray. nite runs are practical now since the weather in the evenings are unpredicatable and hubs can’t mooove it in the morns.

did combat today; but energy felt weird coz all the regulars are on their hol breaks. the classes are filled with irregular people now haha. but still a good workout nevertheless.


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