Today me & hubs did a just because run. Was feeling pretty upset about my comp problems at work (am i still talking about it? Yes because it’s still not solved!) & looked like a real downer. But hubs, persistant man that he is made me go on a run with him (even though he himself had worked out in the gym earlier). So we did a relaxed 4.36k loop in the park; talked out the kinks and halfway back at the canal, I left my baggage of trouble there. So it felt pretty good & relieving. My ankle felt tight; could be becaue of the 2.5hr classes I did two days back but the run kinda softened out the kinks.

So today was a just because run; run just because we need to put our baggage out there; run just because we need to.

Even though I felt a little left out of God’s graces, today’s run made me just feel more grateful for the run I could do with hubs.


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