2.5hrs workout today! Breakthrough! Did combat, TBT and 30 mins of body balance. So rejuvenating! Actually gotta thank lin for jio-ing me to TBT and body balance; would never have found out how good they were on my own (would not have gone too). So feel loads better after that heavy dinner with hubs. It’s nice to have frens to go to classes with.I only wish worklife is as manageable & straightforward as the Les Mills classes I go to. One huge thing to be grateful for this morning—found the solution to stop the music from coming out from my ipod nano speakers even though the earphones are plugged in! (Thanks to mr gooogle) And also, mustered enough courage to tell a guy in the train to stop blaring his hindi music from his handphone! (even though he got off at the next station after that; so I kinda waited too long to tell him; but still!).

Life may be difficult but work off all difficulties! Be strong! Nothing can beat the rigours of the TBT classes when you are doing 2 sets of extremely tough leg lifts!


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