Went for a morning run with hubs today! Planned for it last night to start off at 6.45am, but I got up at 6.45am and thought it was too late to wake him up! But he got up at 7, and since he was up, he thought it was good to just go for it. So we headed out at 7.15 am with me still being a bit groggy and all and it was a great run!
Did 5.15k@25mins36s, a tad slower than yesterday because I was still kinda sleepy and I was weirdly slow today. But the weather was cool and not horridly hot like most days and we ran to Zion Food center & back with no music! Not a lot of people which was a relief but the people we saw running were wearing weird things like denim shorts , going out shorts, anything but running gear. Dare i say that is why some older folks don’t stick to running much. Because they are so uncomfortably dressed for it!

Anuyhow it was good we ran, worked off the thai dinner we had last night. And by 7.45am this morning, we did three things: got up, ran & was good and clean to go out after!

Now all I need to do is to get some order into my working life which is dominated by a huge project. A heart stopping, heart attack inducing moment I had earlier but I’m praying really hard things will be ok.

What I WantTo Get After All The Madness Is Over:
1) A Garmin Forerunner 405.