Had a greeeeat run yesterday along riverside with lin and hubs! Met up with lin at her place and went for a run the weather yesterday was bright and fantastic; totally inspiring and rejuvenating! Kudos to hubs whom I got out of the house 15mins after he got up! Such a beautiful run, and I got back that wonderful feeling that I had not felt for some time–the serenity and the feeling that you can run on forever. To top it off we walked to MBS after that, admired those lofthouses and boardwalk homes and then ran back to Liang Court for brekky. It was good because it just feels nice to run with a fren and to think I managed to successfully pull this off; (get pple tog to run), makes the run a more worthy one.

I think I may just switch to riverside runs now even if it means taking a bus down to lin’s place first. The park connectors just don’t cut it for me. I’m bored and I need wide open spaces to run off all the negativity I have.

These days I’m just feeling a bit confused and a bit scattered. I want to do things but I’m unsure if the decisions made are right. I want to cut down on food but sometimes I feel hungry. I want to run long but sometimes I’m out of time.

I really have to focus on one thing at a time and enjoy, appreciate and soak in the moment—like the amazing run yesterday! Don’t dwell, just solve problems, deal with them and chuck them off during a good long run!


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