Combat on wednesday- great songs!

And a nice long run yesterday with hubby around 6.8k or so; ran in evening around 6plus after it had stopped raining and the weather was perfect. Ran through orchard and down river valley and into park. It was different; din like orchard because of the people but the pavement was swweet! So smooth and easy to run on. When I was running, I thought of what I read on Sparkpeople-“Be grateful and working out will seem much better” (something to that effect). And I did; I was grateful that I could have time to run whilst others were stuck in their cars in a horrid jam; and I was grateful that I could have the chance to run with hubs.

I feel self conscious though when I run through orchard, don’t like people that much. Which was great because I ran much faster to get away from them.

Felt bluesy yesterday due to work & some bug; am trying my darnest to be strong & well; as what Badlands proclaim in their song; ‘What doesn’t kill me only will make me stronger in my heeead’. So yeah; BE STRONG!


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