Sunday- 5k run with hubby at 4.45pm at 25.36 mins. Felt a bit off when we started since I was so sleepy and nodded off at home before that. But the feeling after the run was gooooood. Always nice to run with hubby; I always know I’d be able to run a strong run and that he would be there to push me. And it is always a nice settled feeling when he talks about random interesting things along the route.
Life partner = running partner indeed. It’s a blessing to have that; not every partner shares the same interest and madness.

Anyhows the run has mellowed my churlish mood I got from church with kids screaming bloody murder & parents being mindblowingly passive. Always gets me down because firstly it is ridiculously irritating and also, it reminds me of my non existent kids situation. Even if it were screaming kids, at least those people (freaks) have kids. So much so that I don’t really feel like going over to in-laws place anymore, nice as they may be, it only serves to remind them of my non existent kids situation. So feel kinda bad for them.

Good run though. Always a good run with hubby.


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