Set off at 6.50am today; weather was really cool and rainy-ey & although the sun is rising much earlier now, (6.50am looks like 7.15am), it was not at all hot.

Did a slow run 5.46k@29mins 30 sec to pace myself for the end of year 21k. Also, ran slow to think about stuff.

It was a crazy Mon-Wed, what with me covering for pple, doing lots of damage control (due to others’ negligence) and taking up more roles at work. I may have reacted dramtically at certain points even but well, it got messages across. So I had to run to get rid of this drama-mama, mean streak that I felt was building up.

Nice run, listened to old tracks from playlist, thought about solutions & things for my work projects, feeling clear headed after.

Thanks world for a beautiful morning today.

Glad to have worked out this week!
Mon-body combat
Tues-Jillain Michaels workout
Wed-body combat


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