Sunday-4.57K@24mins 56secs.

Ran at 6.40pm, felt good & refreshed though initially a bit lazy after coming back from work. So pushed myself and thought to myself that “I will definitely feel better” after a run and indeed I DID! Had more energy to do housework, laundry and dinner after that.

Weather in the late evening is always nice, decided to take the park route because I was afraid that if i did a longer 7k route to Botanic Gardens it will be even darker when I got back; a bit afraid so next time will start out at 6.15pm to do that route.

Nearly crashed into a poodle whilst adjusting playlist on ipod (it’s too small a dog!) & had to avoid some small bats flying really really low.
It was a good energizing run, must always remember this feeling when I am too lazy!!


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