Had another niiice long run with lin and hubs; this time we covered 9.8k; breakthrough!! Thought that we couldn’t make it coz it was drizzling but the skies cleared up, there was literally a silver & bright lining and it was just so encouraging & inspiring to see so many people pounding the roads. It’s so wonderful to meet other runners; the look of enjoyment & determination just makes you feel so much stronger and there is this unspoken code of being in the same fellowship.

Following that, after an hour’s rest, I went for 2 hr body attack; a first! It was fantastic coz I haven’t had the chance to attend body attack in a long time! Again, the body attackers are a special kind of people; those who really really value mind over matter. So am really pleased with the way the weekend started, it always makes you feel stronger when you start off the weekend morning with a workout. I’m just so grateful that I can run with hubs and lin; it always feel so much more enjoyable where there is someone else. I think hubs is really amazing; he’s so supportive and so strong!

Once again, thank you world. Even though it rained on and off the whole day, you gave us a chance to run and take in the beauty of the morning that gives us so much strength to get through the day.